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How to hide the libvirt-qemu user from the login screen on Linux Mint 19.1

This is a simple tip on how to hide the libvirt-qemu user from your login screen. If you installed the KVM package using apt on your Linux Mint 19.1 you may notice that a new user shows up on your login screen (at least if you’re using Cinnamon DE with LightDM). You can hide it […]

OpenSSL cheat sheet

This OpenSSL cheat sheet was originally found on Since the site appears to be gone, and I had this saved, I’m leaving it here for future reference. Generating Certificates Generate RSA Private Key + CSR Generate Self Signed Certificate + Priv Key Generate CSR for existing Cert Generate CSR for Existing Key Create a […]

convert ssh key from putty (ppk) to openssh

Recently I’ve had to migrate an SSH key generated on a Windows 10 machine to a Debian workstation. You’ll just need two commands, probably: And that’s it! This will get your private key on a format that openssh will recognize.To check your public key just run: Put it wherever you like!

use virt-manager without root password on debian 9

After installing virt-manager on debian 9 you’ll notice that every time you open it it will ask for your root password.In order to avoid that you’ll just need to add your user to the libvirt group: Logout and login again. You can now open virt-manager without your root password.

fix “dig: command not found” on debian 9

A default debian 9 installation doesn’t have the dig command available: You’ll get an error: The solution is simple: And it’s done!

spotify bug on fedora 25 with wayland

Installing Spotify on Fedora 25 is easy: But if your system is using Wayland you’ll notice that when you click “Settings” nothing will happen! As a workaround you can click the arrow in the top right corner and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select “Settings” and press Enter.

login screen with dual monitors in ubuntu 17.10

Login and set up the displays as you please, using the settings control panel. Then, run the following commands on a terminal: And reboot. You’ll have your login screen with the same settings as your desktop.

How to upgrade Fedora 25 to Fedora 26

Fedora 26 is out! As someone who can’t stop tinkering and breaking things I’ve decided to upgrade my workstation (and see if dnf can handle the process without any major flaw). So without further delay here are the steps I took (your mileage may vary): BACKUP YOUR SYSTEM! If you’re in doubt that your machine […]

install the pritunl client on fedora 25

Having recently installed a VPN server (Pritunl), I needed it’s client on my workstation. If you look around this page, you’ll see that there is a repository for CentOS 7, which works a treat on Fedora 25. I’ll replicate the steps here just because. And it’s done! The client is installed, nothing too hard or […]

Missing icons on Fedora 25 Xfce spin

If you use the Fedora 25 Xfce spin you may already noticed that some icons are missing on the default theme. This is the easy to fix it: