Having recently installed a VPN server (Pritunl), I needed it's client on my workstation. If you look around this page, you'll see that there is a repository for CentOS 7, which works a treat on Fedora 25.

I'll replicate the steps here just because.

And it's done! The client is installed, nothing too hard or too fancy. You should get an icon to launch it.
Click it and import your profile to the client. Hit Connect.


But that's not the reason why I'm writing this post. I'm writing it because soon you'll realize that you can't connect to your servers. I mean, you can, but you'll have to use their IP address, since you can't resolve their names. The reason for this is that the Pritunl client relies on openresolv to update your DNS servers when you connect to the VPN, and it's looking for the binary resolvconf, that is not included in Fedora 25.

So you'll have to install it:

Please note that the openresolv link points to the latest version available at the time of writing.

Disconnect and reconnect your VPN again. It should work.